• $60.00

*You can choose the talisman symbol that speaks to you. These are sealed and cannot be opened. 

Little glass bottles filled with a base of salt + resins, herbs, and flowers. Each are encapsulated with pure blackened and high polished copper. Including bail, measures 2-2.5". Finished off with a long 28" solid blackened copper chain. Please leave me a note at checkout if you'd like a shorter length or a high polished copper chain (not blackened). 


BLACK SALTS - (Witches Salt)  I have made this black salt using the remaining ash from my spellwork + Dead Sea Salt that I cermoniously crushed and mixed together. Black salt is a powerful repellent of malevolent energy.

OPOPONAX - (Sweet Myrrh) Dark resin used ritually to protect and ward off evil spirits and negative energy.

SALTS - (Dead Sea Salt, Coarse) Purification + Protection.

FRANKINCENSE - Aromatic resin used to cleanse and purify. Gives a boost to magick and spellwork. 

CHAMOMILE - Beautiful yellow and white flower often associated with the Sun. Ritually it is primarily used to protect your hearth and home, or brewed in a tea to aid in sleep.

LAVENDER - Aromatic purple floral buds that induce a calming and uplifting nature. 

MOSS - Green Moss, enchantment of the forest floor. 

ROSES - Dried rose petals, the Queen of Love. Sacred to the Love Goddess Herself, Aphrodite. No flower endues Love more faithfully. 

▲ Copper is a great conductor of energy. It is one of the oldest metals in use and has been widely associated with ancient Alchemy and Astrology. Representing the Goddess Aphrodite and Venus, it is a metal that lends itself to beauty, balance, clarity, and creativity. It is particularly useful in strengthening bonds between people.

Each pendant is hand oxidized for a blackened copper patina. To ensure the integrity of the patina, please do not shower or submerse your piece in water.

Completely handmade by nature and me. Comes wrapped and packaged in a gift box.