Anointment Talismans

  • $75.00

A wearable anointment vessel for ritual and ceremony. Can also be used for spellwork or to hold your most personal mementos, so that they may always be close.   

Your choice of a blackened copper Crescent Moon or Ouroboros with an accented moonstone cabochon, or the Doom Witch Moon. Measures 3.5". Finished off with a 28" solid blackened copper chain. If you'd like an alternate length, leave me a note at checkout.

This anointment talisman has a clear glass bottle. If you would prefer your glass bottle to be green, blue, purple, or amber, leave me a note at checkout and I will accommodate you. The bottle has a metal rollerball for application, and can hold 2ml of oils/potions. 

▲  Moonstone: Harbouring the energy and magic of the Moon, people have carried Moonstone on their person for thousands of years for protection, guidance, and to heighten visions, and clairvoyance.

▲ Copper is a great conductor of energy. It is one of the oldest metals in use and has been widely associated with ancient Alchemy and Astrology. Representing the Goddess Aphrodite and Venus, it is a metal that lends itself to beauty, balance, clarity, and creativity. It is particularly useful in strengthening bonds between people.

Each pendant and chain is hand oxidized for a blackened copper patina. To ensure the integrity of your patina, please do not shower or swim with your piece.

Completely handmade by nature and me. Comes wrapped and packaged in a gift box.