Ouroboros Smoky Quartz Talisman

  • $65.00

The Ouroboros Serpent. Infinite. Constant recreation. One is All.

An Ouroboros sits atop a Smoky Quartz incased in pure blackened copper. Measures 2.25". Finished off with a long 28" solid copper chain. If you would like a different length, please leave me a note at checkout with the length of your choice. 

▲ Metaphysical properties: Smoky Quartz is a highly grounding and cleansing stone. It helps dispel fear, stress, and depression.

▲ Copper is a great conductor of energy. It is one of the oldest metals in use and has been widely associated with ancient Alchemy and Astrology. Representing the Goddess Aphrodite and Venus, it is a metal that lends itself to beauty, balance, clarity, and creativity. It is particularly useful in strengthening bonds between people.

*Please note: These polished quartz crystals will have their own uniqueness and may have imperfections.

Each pendant is hand oxidized for a blackened copper patina. To ensure the integrity of the patina, please do not shower or submerse your piece in water.

Completely handmade by nature and me. Comes wrapped and packaged in a gift box.